My Work at Cenarion

Cenarion creates software for the major insurance companies in Vienna and runs it's own SaaS application.

Software for Insurance Companies

I worked on an internal application, which is used by most of Vienna's insurance companies. This application is used to manage insurance cases for vehicles.

SaaS - Labelizer

Labelizer is an application that integrates with users' gmail inboxes. It provides functionality to turn a gmail inbox effectively into a dropbox folder for email. Where a group of users can share a label and all email for the given label is synced between the user inboxes.

This project required a lot of performance optimization to keep up with large volumes of emails processed. Apart from performance critical work, I also worked on the frontend pages used to manage labelizer subscriptions and settings. Furthermore I added functionality to the gmail widget, including the possibility to see if someone else in the same label group is currently replying to an email.

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