Project SEO-Guard

The typical process to check a site's technical SEO involved running each page against Google's Lighthouse. To simplify this task, SEO Guard periodically and automatically checks websites for multiple possible issues. SEO Guard Home Screen

Features & Noteworthy

The application is able to crawl a site for it's pages and then to periodically run lighthouse checks against each discovered page. It includes a login and registration via Google accounts.


The application is super interesting from a technical perspective. While it is based on React.js and Strapi, it really pushes the limit of the CMS and shows where Strapi can shine. Despite being a CMS and allowing for very fast development with its generated GraphQL schemas, a Strapi backend can also be extended with arbitrary functions. In SEO Guard this is pretty much taken to the extreme, by performing the SEO checks in custom functionality, via running the lighthouse checks (amongst multiple other complex checks) in a headless chrome instance. Right in the CMS application.

SEO Guard in Action

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